Advanced: How does Textizen decide which phone number to use for a given outbound message?

In Campaigns with a mix of uploaded and text-in Participants, Textizen has an automatic process to decide which phone number each participant will receive outbound Polls or Messages from. This process is seamless and no configuration is required. However, if you are curious or want to make sure what you are seeing is expected behavior, here's an explanation.

Phone Number Assignment in Textizen

In short, phone numbers are assigned per participant, per group.

Any Campaign in Textizen with active or previously-active Polls or Messages will have at least one phone number. By default, each campaign has its own Campaign Phone Number, which is hidden from view. If there are no inbound polls within the Campaign, all outbound polls and messages will be sent from this number. In addition, a Campaign will have all phone numbers belonging to inbound Polls within it (these are visible on the respective Poll Dashboards).

Which number is used when you send a new outbound Poll or Message to a participant depends on which Group the Poll or Message is being sent to, and how each participant in that Group became a member.

  • If a Participant was added to the group via CSV upload or by manually adding his/her phone number (e.g. while testing a poll), that participant will receive messages sent to that Group via the Campaign Phone Number. This ensures that that participant can still text into any of your outbound polls later.
  • If they were added to the Group through filtering from past survey responses, texts sent to them via that Group would come from the phone number belonging to the Poll you added them from.