How does Textizen keep data secure?

We understand the need for security and fidelity regarding any data gathered or sent using text messages, and we have developed Textizen to offer the highest security protections for your organization and your participants.

Our software stack meets industry best practices, with version control managed via git, automated and manual pre-release testing with Jenkins, and hosting and data storage via Amazon Web Services. Textizen uses secure HTTPS connections for all user access, and encrypts all sensitive information. We use 128-bit AES encryption, and support TLS 1.2. We also stay up to date with new developments in information security, and upgrade the service promptly to address any new vulnerabilities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), our hosting and data storage provider, is the world's premier cloud-computing platform. Thousands of companies and internet-based projects and tools rely on AWS, including PayPal and NASA. AWS maintains an entire portion of their site dedicated to their security and privacy compliance. In addition to the robust security features described in detail here, AWS verifies its security controls via third-party certifications and audits. A collection of white papers on AWS security compliance can be found here.