Can I edit a poll once it has responses?

You can make minor edits once a poll has responses. However, some types of editing are disabled once a poll has responses to preserve the integrity of response data.

We recommend thoroughly testing your polls before launch to make any needed edits before the poll goes live. In the testing phase, you can clear responses as often as you want without losing any real data. If you need to make edits to a live poll with real response data, you should avoid clearing response data if possible.

Without Clearing Responses, You Can:

  • Fix typos or change wording
  • Change Poll Settings and Question Settings
  • Add or remove questions
  • Change the order of existing questions
  • Change which answers trigger a Followup on a Multiple Choice question

Note: If you remove questions from a poll with responses, you will lose all data for those questions. Making edits while a user is in the middle of completing the survey could also cause the survey to behave incorrectly for that user. 

If you need to make edits that will affect the survey flow (like adding/removing questions or shuffling question order), it is strongly recommended to make those edits during off-peak times, when nobody is texting in.

Without Clearing Responses, You Cannot:

  • Change an existing question's type
  • Remove options from a multiple-choice question
  • Change the poll's type (from inbound to outbound or vice versa). 

In order to make these changes, you must clear all responses from the poll.  If you must clear responses from a poll with real response data, be sure to download the data first by clicking Download CSV at the bottom of the Poll Dashboard page.