What happens if I hit my account limit?

Textizen account limits for responses and polls are determined during contracting. You can view your account usage on the Organization Settings page. To access your Organization Settings, first log in to Textizen, then click the grid icon next to the Logout button at the top right of the page, and click Settings under your organization name.

What happens when I hit my poll limit?

When you've used the maximum number of polls on your account, the "Create Poll" button will disappear from your Campaign Dashboard. You will also see a yellow box on your Polls page, with a notice that you have reached your limit. You can get in touch at support@textizen.com if you'd like to add more polls to your account, or if you believe you are seeing the message in error.

What happens when I hit my response limit?

When you reach 80% of your response limit, you will receive a Notification, as well as an email with information on how to raise your limit. 

When you reach 100% of your limit, you will receive another Notification and an email, and Textizen will automatically add an additional 20% to your response limit. This is to ensure that no response data is lost if you hit your limit unexpectedly. At this point, you will have two options:

  1. Shut off responses after the additional 20% limit is reached, or 
  2. Be billed later for the cost of any additional responses received beyond the 120% capacity.

The email notification will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

What counts as a text?

The Campaign Dashboard shows the total count of messages for that campaign. Each inbound or outbound text counts toward this total.

These message types do not count against your account limits:

  • Texts to polls that have been closed
  • Confirmation messages at the end of a poll

What does a participant see if they text in and my account is full?

Anyone who texts in to a poll after you've hit your account-wide response limit will receive the Custom Error message for that poll. By default, this is "Sorry, this poll is no longer active." You can change the Custom Error message for any given poll on the Poll Edit page, in the Settings area. For more info, see Poll Settings.