Tokens: Assigning Participant-Specific Tags

Tokens in Textizen enable you to assign specific tags to your Participants, in addition to their names and phone numbers. With Tokens, you can assign any information you want: give each of your participants a unique ID number, associate the names of their case workers or district representatives, and more.

Unlike Participant Names, which can be assigned through the Name question type or during upload, Tokens currently can only be set using our API (Application Programmer Interface). See our  API documentation for more info. Full support of Tokens in the online Textizen interface is coming soon.

Once Tokens have been assigned to participants, you can use them in messages using the token name surrounded by {{double curly brackets}}. For example, you could create the tokens VOTING-LOCATION and VOTING-DATE, and set the contents based on your participants' reported ZIP codes. Then you could use these tokens to send customized voting reminders.

Example: "Hi {{name}}, don't forget to vote on {{VOTING-DATE}}! Your polling location is {{VOTING-LOCATION}}. Polls are open from 7am-8pm."

What the recipient sees: "Hi Edward, don't forget to vote on Tuesday 11/3! Your polling location is Franklin Middle School (123 Main St). Polls are open from 7am-8pm."

Note: Currently, tokens are case-sensitive, so VOTING-DATE is different from voting-date. In addition, the default "name" token (assigned when uploading participants or with the Name question) is lowercase. Be sure to use the same case consistently when using tokens.