Content Templates for Surveys and Messages

This article contains a selection of pre-written content templates for Textizen campaigns.


You can also see two start-to-finish survey examples here: Inbound Survey Example — PlacemakingOutbound Survey Example — Outcome Tracking.

Survey Content

Openers ("Hooks") for Inbound Surveys

The following questions are examples of "hook" questions published on posters, flyers, live presentations, and other visual outreach materials. For more information, see Quick Start Guide to Inbound Campaigns.

These examples are all designed to have immediate emotional appeal, and to be fast and easy to answer. For this reason, Multiple Choice and Yes/No questions are common choices for a hook. "Text [keyword] to [number]" is also a popular hook question format. For more info, see 3 Tips for Writing a Great Survey Hook.

Placemaking / Local Improvements
  • I would like to see more _____ for Chicago’s streets!
    1. Trees & Landscaping
    2. Seating
    3. Public Gathering Spaces
    4. Bike Amenties
    5. Wider Sidewalks
Transit Improvements
  • Hey Fort Collins! How is our bus system treating you?
    1. Great
    2. Pretty good
    3. Needs improvement
    4. We haven't met yet
Regional Plan
  • Is Buffalo-Niagara moving in the right direction?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Not sure
Text a Keyword

Text WIN to 215-123-4567 to take our survey and enter to win free season passes! (Open-ended)

Text JOIN to 12345 to join the conversation on transportation in our region! (Open-ended)

Openers ("Hooks") for Outbound Surveys

These outbound "hooks" are designed to start off a survey sent directly to recipients' cell phones. A good outbound hook is concise and easy-to-answer, and must include an explanation of who is texting and why. People may have forgotten who this phone number belongs to, or why they signed up for messages; it's a good idea to remind them so they understand the context of your question.

Be sure to phrase your question very clearly at the end of your message, as seen in these examples, so that people know what you are asking at a glance.

Event RSVPs

Hi from San Diego County Planning. Thx for your input last fall. We're sharing results at our open house next week. Want details? (Yes/No)

Hi from Brighter Futures Initiative. Our next public forum is Mon 8/24 @ 6pm at Franklin Hall. Will we see you there? (Yes/No)

Longitudinal Survey

Hi from Sight Day. Glasses were mailed last week. Did you receive them yet? (Yes/No)

Survey Body Questions

The majority of survey data is captured within the "body" of the survey, after the hook question and before any demographic questions you decide to include (see below). Your survey's body questions should be tailored to gather the information you need for your campaign. However, these examples provide some insight into how to write strong survey questions for the text message format.

  • If your local corner store offered healthy food options, would you shop there?
    • Yes
      • Followup: Which stores? Please provide the name(s) of the stores if possible.
    • No
      • Followup: Why wouldn't you shop for healthy food items at a corner store?
  • How comfortable would you feel using this [Bike Share] station at night?
    1. Very comfortable
    2. Somewhat comf
    3. Neutral
    4. Not comfrtble
    5. Very uncomf

What do you feel is the biggest strength of KC Public Schools?

Demographic Questions

Demographic questions are typically placed at the end of a survey. Including 2-3 demographic questions helps you segment responses in later analysis and understand who participated, while keeping the survey brief. Age, ZIP code, and ethnicity questions are the most common. 

Questions about community role or lifestyle (e.g. "Are you a business owner?", "How do you mainly get around town?"), are often useful as well.

Note: As part of your first demographic question, it's a good idea to include a short transition before the question itself, e.g. "Thanks! Last, a few quick Qs about you: What is your age?"

Common Demographics

What is your age? (Open-ended)

  • What is your age? (Multiple choice)
    1. 15-25
    2. 26-35
    3. 36-45
    4. 46-55
    5. 56-65
    6. 65+
    7. Prefer not to say
  • I'm interested in the I-95 corridor because I ____ here.
    1. Live
    2. Work
    3. Live and work
    4. Own a business
    5. Other
  • What is your race/ethnicity?
    1. Hispanic/Latino
    2. Black/African Amer.
    3. White
    4. Native Amer.
    5. Asian/Pacific Islander
    6. Other

What is your home ZIP code?

Collecting Email Addresses

Lastly, what's your email so we can send you updates? (Open-ended)


These example Messages include all the information the recipient needs to take action, with the smallest amount of text possible. 

Remember, messages do not process responses from recipients, so make sure to end your message with a strong statement that does not sound like a question.

Event Notification

Hi from Brighter Futures Initiative. Our next public forum is Mon 8/24 @ 6pm at Franklin Hall. Hope to see you there!

Hi from Kirkland Parks and Rec! Grand opening of our new aquatics center is next Sat at 11am. RSVP to our grand opening party at [link]

Project Update

Hi from Bike Share! We just released a report on survey results + next steps. Read it at [link]

Personal Notice

Hi from SNAP. Your benefits will expire on 8/31. Questions? Call your case manager Alex Tilson at 215-123-4567.

Personal Notice with Name

Hi {{ NAME }}. Your SNAP benefits will expire on 8/31. Questions? Call your case manager Alex Tilson at 215-123-4567.

Note: You must have already added participant names (via the Name question or by upload) in order for the {{ NAME }} tag to work. See Participant Names for more info.