Participant Names

Textizen allows you to match a person's name to their phone number, for easier communication and personalized messaging. There are two ways to assign a name to participants. Once a name has been assigned, you can insert the name into messages or poll questions using a dynamic tag.

Adding Names via Upload

When uploading a list of phone numbers to your campaign using the Groups system, your upload can include a name belonging to each phone number. The names will be automatically assigned to the participants during the upload. For more information, see Creating & Editing Groups.

Adding Names via the Name Question Type

The Name question type can be used in a poll to used to ask participants for their names, and will automatically match respondents' names to their phone numbers. This is the best way to assign names to participants who you did not upload, but who engaged with your Campaign by texting in to an inbound poll.

Including Participant Names in Polls and Messages

You can insert the tag {{ name }} in questions or messages to automatically include participants' names. If no name is present for some participants, the {{ name }} tag will be excluded for those participants. Example:

"Hello {{ name }}! Just wanted to let you know we have a community meeting tomorrow 5pm @ Franklin Park. Hope to see you there!"

Note: The {{ name }} tag is case-sensitive, so the word "name" in brackets must be lowercase in order for the name tag to work.