Question Settings

Each Question within a Textizen poll has a few settings that can change the poll behavior, and how the poll is displayed in Public view.

Hide from public view

On a poll set to Public, this checkbox allows you to hide certain questions from the public view. Only logged-in users will be able to see these questions and their responses on the Poll Dashboard. This setting has no effect on polls not set to Public. For more information, see Public Polls.

Skip this question if participant doesn't respond
Checking this box causes Textizen to skip the question and move on to the next one if the participant does not respond within a certain time window. This setting should be used sparingly, since response data is not collected for questions that are skipped. and multiple questions in a row with this setting enabled could give the impression of "spamming" a recipient's phone with text messages.

Delay sending

You can make Textizen wait before sending a question by selecting "After previous question" from the drop-down, and then setting a time. 

For example, if you were conducting bicycle test rides, you could ask every person to text in to a survey prior to their ride, then set a delay on the following question for 20 minutes so that they would receive a follow-up question after they finish the ride.