Subscription Status

Any participant who texts in to one of your Campaigns or is uploaded to a Group is considered Subscribed, and is opted-in to receive outgoing messages from that Campaign. 

Participants can unsubscribe at any time by texting QUIT, STOP, or END to any phone number associated with your Campaign. You can also unsubscribe participants manually from your Textizen dashboard. A participant who has Unsubscribed will not receive any messages from you, even if they are in a Group that you send a message or poll to. A participant who has unsubscribed can re-subscribe anytime by texting START to any phone number associated with your Textizen campaign.

To check or change a specific Participant's subscription status, click on their phone number anywhere in Textizen to browse to their Participant Page. There, you can manually unsubscribe a participant by clicking the "Subscribed" switch. You can also re-subscribe someone you've manually unsubscribed; however you cannot re-subscribe someone who unsubscribed by texting STOP, QUIT, or END.