Language Settings

To help you reach the widest possible audience, Textizen allows you to send Polls and Messages in multiple languages. Textizen currently supports messaging in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino.

If you're interested in using a language not yet supported by Textizen, please  get in touch.

Using Multiple Languages

By default, all new Polls are set to English mode. To change a poll's language, go to the poll's Edit page, scroll down to the  Poll Settings area at the bottom, and select a different language from the Language drop-down menu. 

Textizen language settings.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.18.08 PM.png

Setting a poll to a different language will set all automated instructions that are sent with poll questions (e.g. "Reply Yes or No," "Reply w/ letter") to that language. This setting will not translate your poll content. See Question Types for more information on automated instructions.

If you are conducting messaging or polls in multiple languages, be sure to go to your Campaign Settings and compose your Campaign Info Message in each language you will be using within your campaign. This message is automatically sent with the first outbound poll or message a participant receives from you.

When sending a Message, you can set the language of the Message using the setting on the New Message page. This ensures that recipients who have not gotten a Message from you before will see the Campaign Info Message in the correct language. For more information, see Messages.