Character Count

When composing any poll question or message that will be sent out to participants' cell phones, you will see a small character counter next to the question text. The thresholds to keep in mind:

  • 160 characters is the maximum for a single SMS. If guaranteeing deliverability in all cases is a must, use this limit.
  • 254 characters is the maximum supported by Textizen, for more flexibility in composing messages. They are split up into chunks of 160 characters upon sending, then reassembled by the receiving carrier and/or phone. Many cell phones and carriers can accommodate these longer texts correctly. On occasion, however, they may be delivered as 2 separate messages or arrive out-of-order.

Note: The character count does include the instructions that Textizen automatically adds to Yes/No and Multiple Choice questions. In the case of Multiple Choice questions, it also includes all answer options. See Question Types for more information.

What if my participants have older cell phones?

Most modern cell phones – including low-cost devices – receive and display texts up to 254 characters without any issue. However, keeping questions and messages below 160 characters will guarantee correct delivery of messages to all participants, regardless of what phone or cell provider they are using.

Campaign Info Message and character count

On outbound polls and Messages, the character count is also affected by your Campaign Info Message, which is included automatically the first time you send an outgoing message or poll question to a participant. For more information about the Campaign Info Message, see Campaign Settings.