Polls: Overview

Polls (or surveys) within Textizen are your way to hold two-way conversations with many people at once. Polls are Textizen's main data-gathering tool, and enable you to capture a variety of different data types, from structured Yes/No and Multiple Choice answers to open-ended responses. (See Question Types for more information.)

Polls are classified as either "inbound" or "outbound."

Inbound Polls

Inbound polls begin with a participant texting in to the poll's phone number. Therefore, the first question is not sent out via text, but advertised to your target audience by other means. Popular methods include outreach posters in public places, flyers handed out at an event, direct mailers, and more. See our Quick Start Guide for Inbound Campaigns for an overview of how to conduct a successful inbound campaign.

Outbound Polls

Outbound polls are sent out to contacts who are already in your Textizen Campaign, either because you uploaded their numbers or because they responded to a previous inbound survey. See our Quick Start Guide for Outbound Campaigns for information on conducting outbound campaigns.

More information about question types, publishing options (inbound vs. outbound polls), and poll settings can be found at the articles linked below.