Groups: Overview

Groups are used to organize your Participants, and enable you to reach out to specific subsets of people within your Campaigns. They also allow you to upload pre-existing lists of phone numbers to your Textizen campaign, so you can reach out to them with Polls and Messages.

By default, every Campaign has an "Everyone" group that contains every participant who has interacted with or been uploaded to that Campaign so far. You can create additional groups to sort your participants, and reach out to specific subsets of your respondents with ease. You can also upload cell phone numbers to reach out to people from Textizen. For more information, see Creating & Editing Groups.

Viewing a Group's Page

When you click on one of your Groups, you'll be taken to that Group's page. That page displays a list of all the participants in that group, along with some information on each. To view any individual group member's Participant page, click on their phone number or name. Below is a brief explanation of each attribute shown on the Group page.


Each participant can be assigned a name, either by using a Name question within a Poll or by including a name when uploading a list of phone numbers. For more information on the Name question, see Question Types. For more information on uploading participants, see Creating and Editing Groups.

Phone Number

This column shows the phone number belonging to that Participant. By default, the last four digits of all phone numbers within Textizen are masked for privacy. You can still reach out to individual participants directly using Private Messages. Under certain circumstances, we can unmask phone numbers for account administrators upon request.

Status (Subscribed/Unsubscribed)

This column shows whether or not a participant is currently subscribed to your Campaign. Any participant who is Subscribed can receive outgoing polls and messages from your Campaign. Anyone who is Unsubscribed will not receive any outgoing polls or messages from you. For more information, see Subscription Status.

Added Via

This column indicates whether a participant was added to the campaign by texting in to a poll, or whether their phone number was uploaded directly to the Textizen system. For more information, see Creating and Editing Groups.


This column shows how many individual text responses each participant has provided in response to poll questions. This count does not include Private Message responses.