Creating and Editing Groups

There are two ways to create a Group within Textizen: by filtering from past responses, or by uploading a CSV file of phone numbers. To get started, click on Groups in the sidebar of the Campaign Dashboard page. Then click the New Group button at the top right. Give your new Group a name, then you're ready to populate it with participants.

Choose from Past Respondents

This option allows you to populate a group based on how your participants have responded to your survey questions. For example, you could filter people based on their main mode of transportation (as in the example below). You can also make a Group of people who said "Yes" to a question like, "Would you like to receive text message updates on this project?" so that you know who opted in to follow-up messages.

Clicking the "Filter from Past Responses" button will bring up a list of all Polls within your current Campaign. You can either check the box next to a certain poll to select everyone who responded to that poll, or you can click the Filter button to the right of a certain poll.

The Filter button will bring up a window with every question in that poll. You can then check certain responses (usually a Yes or No, or a certain Multiple Choice response) to fill the group  only with those people who responded that way to those poll questions.

Import CSV

If you have an existing list of cell phone numbers you would like to send outbound polls or messages to, you can upload this list to your Textizen account by clicking the Import CSV link on the Group creation page. This will bring up a page with instructions on how to format your upload. The file for upload must be a two-column CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with no headers. Column 1 must contain phone numbers (in the format +12345678900 or 2345678900) and Column 2 can optionally contain a name to assign to that participant. For more information on matching names with participants, see: Participant Names

When you have a properly formatted CSV file ready, use the Browse button to select the file on your computer, then click Import.

Editing Groups

If you created a group using the "Filter from Past Responses" option, you can change the filter criteria at any time by clicking Manage Members at the top right of a Group's page.

You can also add members to any existing group by importing a CSV file to that Group. Just browse to a Group's page and click "Import a CSV" at the top right.