Public Polls

With Textizen, you have the option to set any of your Polls to Public mode. This means that anyone can access the Poll Dashboard and view the results of the poll in real-time by going to the poll's web address, without being logged in. Phone numbers are automatically hidden from public view, and you can hide specific questions from public view as well using the "Hide from public view" setting on the question in the poll editor page. If you ask respondents for an email address within the poll, email addresses are also hidden automatically.

This feature is designed primarily for governments and organizations who are conducting public feedback campaigns and who want to share their results as they come in. We are passionate about open data and transparency in government, and public Textizen polls are a great way to keep the public engaged and informed about your efforts.

By default, the Public setting is disabled on all new polls. All response data for polls not set to Public is kept private under the highest security standards and comply with all requirements for sensitive information. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.