Poll Settings

Every poll within Textizen has an array of Settings, found at the bottom of the Poll Edit page.

Confirmation Message

This message is sent after a participant responds to the final question in your Poll, and serves as a confirmation that their response has been recorded and the survey is over. This may include a "thanks" to the participant for offering their input, and a link to your organization's website if applicable. This message does not accept responses.

Custom Error

If you hit your account-wide response limit, or if you close a poll by setting it to Inactive (see below), those who text in to the poll will receive this message. By default, this is set to "Sorry, this poll is no longer active." For more information, see What happens if I hit my account limit?


This is the Poll name displayed throughout your Campaign, including on the Poll Dashboard. Note that if your poll is set to Public, this name will be visible to the public on the Poll Dashboard.


Textizen supports several different languages for polls. Setting a poll to use a different language will set all automated instructions sent with the poll questions (e.g. "Reply Yes or No," "Reply w/ letter") to that language. This setting will not translate your poll content. For more information, see Language Settings.

Phone number and Override

On a poll set to Inbound mode, this will display the phone number assigned to the poll. For more information, see: Publishing Options, Using a Custom Phone Number with Textizen.

Publish results

If checked, the Poll Dashboard for the poll in question will be publicly viewable at its unique web address (https://textizen.com/polls/538). All personal information, including phone numbers and questions set to Private, will be hidden from public view. This option is set to "No" by default. For more information, see: Public PollsQuestion Settings.

Allow multiple responses from one number

If checked, this option will permit one participant to complete the poll multiple times from the same phone number. If the participant completes the poll, receives the Confirmation Message, and texts in again, this response will be assigned to the first question and the poll will restart. By default, this option is unchecked.


If unchecked, the poll will be set to Inactive, and anyone texting in to the poll will receive the Custom Error message (see above). Only uncheck this option when you are ready to close a poll and stop accepting responses.