Poll Dashboard

Every Poll within Textizen has its own Poll Dashboard. The Poll Dashboard includes the total response count, a real-time display of the responses you have received for that poll, the poll language, whether or not the poll is currently active, and some metadata such as overall response frequency by time and day. 

On polls set to inbound mode, the Poll Dashboard also shows the poll's assigned phone number at the top right. On polls set to outbound mode, the box at the top right shows the date and time of the last time the poll was sent out, as well as the total number of individual times the poll has been sent.

Below the visual display of data at the top, the Poll Dashboard also includes a response table with full response data. To view the entire response table, click All Responses at the bottom of the page.

For another example of a public poll dashboard, see Kansas City Public School's poll about school improvements here.

Below the summary of results the detailed results of a poll are collected and displayed in the response table at the bottom of the poll dashboard. 

The response table displays a preview of the most recent responses and all responses can be viewed by clicking the All Responses link at the bottom of the page. Click the Download .CSV link to get a file of all responses.  

By default, poll responses are sorted by the time of a response starting with the most recent. Each response includes the phone number, time and date, and responses to each question in the poll.

The summary results give a bird's eye view of the trend in responses. The recent response table shows the detailed results of each poll participant.