Campaign Settings

Each Campaign has four settings, which are specific to that Campaign. A Campaign's settings can be accessed from the Edit Campaign button at the top right of the Campaign Dashboard.


You can take notes about the Campaign in this field. These notes can only be seen by logged-in members of your Organization, and are never displayed to the public.

Informational Message

This message is added to the first outgoing poll or message sent to any participant who has not received an outgoing poll or message from you before. By default, this is set to "Hi from [Organization name]. Reply QUIT to unsubscribe." You can customize this message, but you MUST include the instruction that users can reply QUIT anytime to unsubscribe from your Campaign.

If you will be conducting polls in multiple languages, be sure to compose your desired informational message in all the languages you'll be using. To edit the info message for each language, select that language from the drop-down menu.

Activity Web Hook

You can send details about every activity in your campaign to the URL you specify here, as JSON POST requests. See Campaign Activity Web Hook or our API (Application Programmer Interface) for more info. By default, this field should be left blank.

Area code (campaign-wide)

Here, you can specify the area code for phone numbers assigned to Polls and Messages within this Campaign. If left blank, your Organization-wide area code setting will be used. For more information, see Area Codes.