Outgoing Polls and Messages within Textizen can be scheduled in advance, down to a 5-minute interval, using our Scheduling interface.

When composing a Message, or editing a poll set to outbound mode ("Send the poll to participants") the Scheduling settings will appear. Use the date and time picker to specify the desired time for the poll or message to go out. Use the checkboxes to select which of your Groups you'd like to send the message to, or simply enter full phone numbers in the box provided.

Note: If you select a group or input phone numbers and select Later without specifying a time, the sending will be saved but not scheduled or sent. You can return to the Poll Edit page and edit the sending to add a time and date later.

Scheduled sendings will appear in a list above the scheduling options. You can edit or delete an already-scheduled sending by mousing over it and clicking on the Edit or Delete icons that appear next to the date and time.