Fallbacks for shared short codes

Shared short codes require a unique Startword to begin the poll. While the 5- or 6-digit short code itself is shared between multiple polls, the Startword designated to your poll ensures participants get to the correct survey.

It’s possible that a participant initiates two separate polls with different Startwords on the same shared short code. Typically, this won’t cause an impact if the participant finishes the first poll before beginning a second.

In the case a participant starts a poll without finishing and then begins a new poll, Textizen automatically assigns a Fallback phone number. Fallbacks are backup phone numbers that are automatically assigned to a participant if they already have a poll open.

Because the shared short code is used for multiple polls, Textizen can't definitively match the latest response with a certain poll if more than one poll is open at once. By default, Fallbacks are long codes.

The Fallback number differentiates the participants poll responses and preserves the integrity of your data collection. In practice, participants won't notice a difference other than the phone number appears differently from the number they texted a Startword to.