Keywords trigger certain actions if a participant texts them in anytime during the message flow. To view or edit keywords, click Keywords at the left of any Campaign Dashboard.

Reserved Keywords

There are currently six Reserved Keywords which are always enabled and cannot be changed, in accordance with industry standards. They allow participants to unsubscribe, resubscribe, or request info.

Note: Keywords are only triggered when the keyword is the ONLY word in a response, with no other words or characters. For example, the keyword STOP would not be triggered if someone texted "Stop signs at dangerous intersections."

Custom Keywords

You can create Custom Keywords for your project's unique needs. For example:

  • A custom keyword MEETING that triggers an automatic response with the date, time, and location of your next meeting. 
  • If you offered a text-in tip line for troubleshooting a problem, the keyword SOLVED would end the series of tips and send a concluding text.

When creating a Custom Keyword, you can also specify alternates for that keyword. These could include related words (e.g. MEETING and EVENT), abbreviations (e.g. MTG), or common misspellings.

Available Actions

The following actions can be triggered by a Custom Keyword:

Custom Reply: the participant will receive a message in response to the keyword. If they reply, their response will be counted as a reply to the last message or question they received before texting in a keyword.
Stop Poll: if the participant texts in the keyword while they are in the middle of a Poll, the Poll will end for that participant.

You can combine actions: for example, if someone texts SOLVED, you stop the poll they are in and text them "Glad you got it sorted out! Call us if you have further issues: 123-456-7890"