Does Textizen support special characters in polls/messages?

Because each carrier and phone model treats special characters differently, we recommend only using standard characters in Textizen polls and messages. A good rule of thumb is that standard characters are the ones printed on the U.S. keyboard.

Which characters should I avoid?

  • “Curly quotes.” Apostrophes and quotation marks are automatically converted to curly quotes by Microsoft Word and other word processing apps, so be careful to change these quotes to "straight quotes" if you are pasting content from Word. (You can also disable this "smart quotes" feature altogether in Microsoft Word's preferences).
  • Letters with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ¡, and so on) used in Spanish and other languages. These are the most common characters that cause problems.
  • Non-ASCII symbols (e.g. ¿ ¡ ● ¢ ¼ )

Why are special characters problematic?

When sending SMS messages with special characters, the message may not appear as originally sent. Each carrier or phone model may treat these characters differently. Symptoms can include:

  • Text displays upside-down question marks: C¿a¿f¿e¿.
  • Text contains additional or unexpected characters.
  • Texts split into multiple parts and/or delivered out of order, even if they contain fewer than 160 characters (see Character Count). This is especially common on the Sprint network.