How do I manually unsubscribe a participant from my campaign?

There are three places where you can manually unsubscribe a participant from your campaign:

  1. In any Group: find their name/number in a Group, and click the arrow icon at the far right of their row. Then click "Unsubscribe this participant."
  2. In any Poll Response list: at the far right of the response table, click the arrow icon and select "Unsubscribe this participant"
  3. On their Participant page: Browse to that participant's page and click on the "Subscribed" switch at the top right. The switch will change to "Unsubscribed."

You may need to manually unsubscribe a participant if:

  • They tried to unsubscribe, but misspelled QUIT, STOP or any of the other unsubscribe keywords
  • They included extra words/characters with their unsubscribe keyword (e.g. "Stop." or "Quit texting me")
  • They are confused or unaware of how to unsubscribe

You can also resubscribe a participant you previously unsubscribed by clicking the switch again. This will only work for participants you manually unsubscribed, not those who unsubscribed by keyword.